Crack Sealing

Fill cracked asphalt to increase the longevity of your investment

With our effective crack sealing techniques, you’ll be able to double the lifespan of your pavement and delay the need for a costly resurfacing project. Keep a little crack problem in your pavement from becoming a big and costly problem when you hire Umpqua Valley Asphalt to complete your crack sealing services.

How crack sealing works

When cracks appear in asphalt, rain and moisture can collect in the materials below the asphalt pad and vegetation can begin to grow in the cracks. Both of these factors may cause cracks to widen and the asphalt to become compromised and eventually fail.

Cracks must be thoroughly cleaned before a hot liquid that bonds to the surfaces of asphalt. Umpqua Valley Asphalt uses top of the line equipment and materials from Crafco to preserve and protect your asphalt.

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